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Rick Stratford


Richard Stratford spent his youth traveling the country following his Father’s US Air Force career. He got to see a lot of different places and in the process met a lot of new friends. In 1979 he settled in Southern
California and started his 37 year career in the construction industry. In 2013, Richard married the love of his life, Jana after being best friends for over 25 years. Together they have four children (two boys in So Cal and two girls in Denver) and 6 grandchildren (tied up at 3 boys / 3 girls). Jana and Richard bought some timber land and started working on developing a forever home after moving to Athol in 2016. Richard finished construction on their home in October of 2019. Both Jana and Richard have been members of the Anthem family since moving here in 2016 and have served as greeters, ushers, child care
volunteers and as Home group leaders.

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